The decision was made, I Griffith MacDonald, am going to attempt to run 26.2 miles without dying or suffering serious injury. So now that I have made the decision, what next? I figured, I should probably decide on the race I am going to run before I get ahead of myself. This part was relatively easy. Having run a half-marathon two years ago in the area, I decided to run the full Marathon sponsored by the same Festival. On May 6th, 2013, I will be running the La Crosse Fitness Festival Marathon. 
   Its amazing how when you put a date on it things become way more real. In the midst of my excitement for a race that's still almost half a year away, I made an impulse buy on a Timex GPS watch to track the distance I will be running during my training. Due to the maze of back alleys and cheese related street names that you find in a Wisconsin town, I quickly became frustrated during my half marathon training with how hard it was to plan out and run with directions in order to achieve a certain distance. With my brand new watch, recommended to me by good old Amazon, I can run in what ever direction I please without concern for street names or directions. Upon sharing this with my mom, she asked, 
"How are you gonna keep yourself from getting lost?" 
"Well Mom, I hadn't really thought about that. I guess ill just go with the flow."
I feel like that is going to be the motto for my entire race training. "Go with the flow." It is nearly impossible to sit down and plan out every day of training until May and then expect myself to be able to keep up with that exact schedule. In fact, I am not quite sure how many miles I can even run at this point in time. Currently, I am about halfway through the rigorous Insanity workout and am finding my overall endurance and flexibility increasing every day. However, I have absolutely no clue how that is going to translate into my abilities on the ol' dusty trail. The overall plan is to start working runs into my Insanity workout schedule and, as I near the end, phase out my Insanity workout completely. I'm hoping to go for my first run sometime next week and get a better estimate on my overall starting endurance level then.  

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